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Magnopal Rhn Retanning Polymer Imparting Special Effects

Features Of Magnopal Rhn Retanning Polymer Imparting Special Effects

MAGNOPAL® RHN – Retanning polymer imparting special effects

MAGNOPAL® RHN is an acrylic based polymer and is used for retanning. Charge: Anionic. Light fastness & heat resistance: Very good. Effect on leather colour: Moderate shade reduction. Handling: Can be diluted with water in all proportions. Stability to acids and electrolytes: Very good. Stability to chrome tanning agents: Not stable. Handling & storage: Wear goggles and gloves during handling and close containers tightly afterwards. Can be stored for about 1 year (from date of production) if kept between 10°C and 30°C. In any case protect from frost and heat above 35°C.  

MAGNOPAL® RHN is a lightfast and heat resistant polymer which can be used together with other anionic retanning, neutralizing and fatliquoring agents in the preparation of full grain, corrected grain, nubuck and all soft types of shoe upper leathers. MAGNOPAL® RHN : • imparts a ‘rubber-like’ handle • improves grain-elasticity • imparts softness and fullness For imparting the best ‘rubber-like’ handle and grain-elasticity, MAGNOPAL® RHN can be applied together with synthetic or vegetable retanning agents and anionic fatliquoring agents. For the best filling and softening effects MAGNOPAL® RHN should be applied after neutralization, (above pH 4.5). 

In general, 4 - 8 % MAGNOPAL® RHN (calculated on the shaved weight) can be applied in several process steps namely in the neutralization, retanning or main fatliquoring. 

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