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Coripol ESA Enhanced Softening Agent with Excellent Milling

Features Of Coripol ESA Enhanced Softening Agent with Excellent Milling

CORIPOL® ESA Enhanced Softening Agent with Excellent Milling Properties
The high demand for soft articles with regular milling behaviour and outstanding fastness properties can now be met with CORIPOL® ESA. Based on renewable raw materials TFL has developed a new softening agent with very good milling properties. This anionic softening agent is also recommended for leathers with a low specific weight.

Soft articles like shoe, leather goods and garment benefit from the performance characteristics of CORIPOL® ESA. The product facilitates very clear, clean pearl crust with a slightly silky handle and good grain tightness. Nubuck and suede show a shiny two way nap without smearing. 

The high light and the outstanding heat fastness under extreme conditions of 7 days at 120°C on both wet-blue and wet-white leathers, make it highly suitable for automotive leather. Furthermore this type of leather benefits from the noticeable gravimetric fogging properties and the neutral odour of the product. 

CORIPOL® ESA has an optimised eco profile as it is based on natural renewable materials and it is free of palm oil derivatives. After acid fixation, low COD values are noted, due to its excellent bath exhaustion. It can also be used to produce leathers which pass the WHITE LINE® specifications.

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