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Sellatan Ho Liq. Retanning Agent With Filling Effect

Features Of Sellatan Ho Liq. Retanning Agent With Filling Effect

SELLATAN® HO liq. is a condensation product of aromatic sulphones.

  • Charge: Anionic. 
  • Lightfastness:Moderate.
  • Yellowing: Leathers and finished products are stable to storage.
  • Stability to electrolytes: Very good. A
  • stringency: Medium - strong, thus tighter grain.
  • Effect on leather colour: Shade weakening.
  • Levelling effect: good dyeability.
  • Handling & storage: Wear goggles and gloves during handling. ALWAYS STIR BEFORE USE and close containers tightly afterwards. Can be stored for about 1 year (from date of production) if kept between 10°C and 35°C. In any case protect from frost and heat above 60°C. 
SELLATAN® HO liq. is noted to be very suitable for all types of leather with uniform good fullness and round handle. SELLATAN® HO liq. imparts a fine and tight grain. SELLATAN® HO liq. is very suitable for compact retanning methods. SELLATAN® HO liq. is very suitable to produce nubuck and suede leather with a short nap. It is also noted to impart good dyeability and buffability. 
Leathers with outstanding properties regarding fullness, softness, roundness, smoothness, tightness, etc. can be obtained when using 
SELLATAN® HO liq. in combination with our MAGNOPAL® retanning/softening agents. 
In general, 2 - 6 % SELLATAN® HO liq. (calculated on the shaved weight) is applied in the retanning stage. SELLATAN® HO liq. can be applied in combination with other retanning agents.
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