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Sellatan RL

Features Of Sellatan RL

ALWAYS STIR BEFORE USE and close containers tightly afterwards. Can be stored for about 1 year (from date of production) if kept between 10°C and 35°C. In any case protect from frost and heat above 60°C. SELLATAN RL liq. is a condensation product of phenolic sulphonic acid and aromatic oxysulphones.


Lightfastness & resistance to yellowing : Very good.

Stability to electrolytes : Good, suitable for compact procedures.

Astringency : Mild, thus fine grain.

Effect on leather colour : Moderate shade weakening.

Levelling effect : Even uptake, good dyeability.

Handling & storage : Wear goggles and gloves during handling. 

Benefits :

SELLATAN®RL liq. imparts a uniform filling effect with a soft, round handle. With its particularly marked tanning effect, SELLATAN® RL liq. is a preferred syntan for tanning and retanning metal-free leathers. It also increases the shrinking temperature considerably and is therefore very suitable as a tanning/retanning agent after the wet white pretanning. After milling, leathers tanned/retanned with SELLATAN® RL liq. have an even milled grain. SELLATAN®RL liq. is recommended for the manufacture of furskins (especially white) with higher shrinkage temperature. 




In general, 4 - 6 % SELLATAN®RL liq. (calculated on the shaved weight) is applied in the retanning stage. SELLATAN RL liq. is usually applied in combination with other retanning agents. For the tanning of wet white material, 20 - 25 % SELLATAN®RL liq. (calculated on the shaved weight) is applied in several steps in order to produce metal-free upholstery or soft type leathers. 

For further information please contact Our Distibutor Goodmark Agencies Pvt Ltd , Delhi. 


Product characteristics:


Trade Form at 20°C - Viscous liquid

Appearance at 20°C- Brownish

Solids Content (%)- min. 45

pH – Value (tq)- approx. 4

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