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Leather White Line Technology

Features Of Leather White Line Technology

The ultimate goal for leather makers can become reality: Creating a unique, natural material of high quality without harmful substances that after use can safely be disposed of.

The chemical products used in the TFL White Line System for leather manufacture are:

  • Free of chromium and other heavy metals
  • Free of any other harmful substances restricted by EC regulations (now consolidated in Annex XVII of REACH) or listed in Annex XIV of REACH (substances for authorization) or in the candidate list of SVHC (substances of very high concern)
  • Free of substances which are persistent in the environment and bio-accumulate and/or biodegrade into harmful substances


As a producer of WHITE LINE leathers, you can certify your products at the independent international testing institute TÜV Rhineland LGA Products GmbH. You fulfill the criteria for the SG label (tested for harmful substances) and exceed existing requirements in terms of harmful substances. TÜV Rhineland LGA Products GmbH assures stringent and permanent quality control. For various steps in the value-added chain the TFL WHITE LINE SYSTEM provides a new marketing tool enabling its users to gain new customers and enter new markets. TÜV Rhineland certifications together with the corresponding branding clearly distinguish marketing advantages in advertising, promotion and sales. For all value-added chain partners, this quality label will serve as a marketing instrument that transforms an advertising promise into a persuasive sales argument.


New product for salt free pickling 

This will be a new product based on aromatic sulfone derivates and will be used in pickling to replace salt. It will also enhance the pre-tanning effect of SELLATAN CF new or SELLATAN WL-G and facilitate their distribution in the hide cross-section.


New product for safe and efficient basification 

This will be a new product for basification and fixation of the SELLATAN CF new or SELLATAN WL-G pre-tannage. The basification is smooth and can be done in a simple one step process. The new product will support the fullness of the leather and facilitates the mechanical operations like samming and shaving.


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Leather White Line Technology
The ultimate goal for leather makers can become reality: Creating a unique, natu
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