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 Features                                  CORIPOL® ALF is a turbid, brown liquid based on natural phospholipids.


Charge: Anionic.


Handling & storage:

Wear goggles and gloves during handling. ALWAYS STIR BEFORE USE

and close containers tightly afterwards.

Can be stored for about 1 year (from date of production) if kept between

10°C and 35°C. In any case protect from frost and heat above 40°C.

If product becomes frozen, warm to approx. 20°C and stir before use.


Method of emulsifying:

CORIPOL® ALF should be thoroughly mixed with the other fatliquoring agents being used. A homogenous emulsion can then be prepared with

warm water in a ratio of 1:4.



Benefits                                   CORIPOL® ALF is pumpable and easy to emulsify. It is a highly concentrated fatliquoring agent which allows the maximum softness to be achieved with a minimum offer.


Leathers obtained by its use are characterised by: -

·       a particularly good, inner softness

·       a smooth and silky surface handle

·       improved tensile, tear and stitch-tear resistance

·       good gravimetric fogging behaviour

·       good heat & light fastness properties




Application:                             CORIPOL® ALF can be used as a single fatliquor for soft, light-weight articles or more often, as a companion fatliquor in combination with other CORIPOL® brands to achieve the desired leather properties.


CORIPOL® ALF provides at a rather low offer, equivalent softness compared to higher additions of conventional fatliquors. The gravimetric fogging values and physical properties imparted by CORIPOL® ALF

comply with the latest specifications of the automotive industry. Examples of application recipes on various articles

Wet blue based automotive leather :

1 2 % CORIPOL® ALF as prefatliquor prior the


2  - 4 % MAGNOPAL® SFT-F

6 8 % CORIPOL® ALF as main fatliquor



Our application recommendations are in line with our present state of knowledge. They do not, however, exempt the customer from

performing his own tests to determine the suitability of the supplied products for their intended purposes. Application of the products lies outside the scope of our control and therefore comes within the customers sphere of res

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